Spicy Pork with Sambal and Coconut Milk Recipe

Number of serving: 4

Total Preparation time: 6 minutes

Total Cooking time: 6minutes

Ingredient A:
400g (12 2/3 oz) pork fillet, cut into thin slices
1 tablespoons Indonesian shrimp paste (sambal paste), max 2 tablespoon for hot dish lover
1 tablespoon oil


Ingredient B:
1 cups (375ml / 12 fl oz) coconut milk (canned or fresh also acceptable)
1 scallion, coarsely chopped

Mix Ingredient A in a bowl, toss to coat pork. Heat up a big saucepan over high heat, swith to medium heat, then put in the pork, saute for 2 minutes, or until pork slightly golden. Add the coconut milk and simmer for 2 minutes. Move to a new bowl and sprinkle with scallion. Ready to serve with steam rice, fried rice or pasta.

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