Healthy Beverage Recipes


Healthy drink for healthy life

Here in the Asian Health Recipe website, we would provide you all the essential methods and recipes to make simple and healthy beverage, that ensure you would make use of the healthy ingredients to make delicious beverage. We would like to develop a healthy drinking habit among the community, as one significant area you need to works towards a healthy lifestyle and rejuvenate our body.

Our body is made up by 70% of water; they are like blood, cells fluid, serum and etc that found in your muscle, brain, organ and cells. This water help to send the oxygen and nutrients to the right cells, regulate our body temperature, remove unwanted waste and protect our internal organs and joint. Seventy percent is a big amount, so you know why water or liquid is important to our body. You could imagine if anything wrong with the water in our body, it will affect the body health and how it works. Therefore, get a right, clean and nutritious drink is so important to improve our wellness.

How is the unhealthy beverage affecting our health?

Generally, 20% of water we intake daily is from food we eat, the other 80% is from the beverage that we drink. So you could see how important the beverage is contributed to the total water intake. There are many types of beverage out there, some is good for health and some is bad. Those bad for health drink are normally heavily processed or added with artificial additive, but yet a lot of people are taking them daily. For example, diet soda with artificial sweeteners and fat replacements that actually cause health problem like migraine headaches. Besides, those creamy coffee and mocha with lots of sugar insides each serving are very high in calories that will contribute to your obesity plan (if you have one). On top of that, high intake of alcohol is actually one of the main causes of cancer development in breast, liver, stomach and colon.

Healthy Beverage play significant role in a healthy life

However, it doesn’t mean that all the processed beverage is bad, some of them are actually good; if you use the right ingredient, drink it correctly and not overdosed. For example, green tea is renowned for its ability to prevent cancer cell from duplicating and prevent the blood vessel from hardening. The red wine, although contain alcohol, but if you drink it moderately (about 50ml per day), it will help to slow down the aging process due to its high anti-oxidant content. Balance intake of soy milk would prevent breast cancer. Fruit juice, vegetable juice, low fat milk and many other beverages we could put into the rejuvenate juice and beverage list.


  1. Chrysanthemum with Walnut and Haw Juice

  2. Spring Onion Tea

  3. Chrysanthemums with Honey Tea

  4. Ginger with Brown Sugar Drink

  5. Pear with Lily Bulb and Tangerine Peel Drink

  6. Chrysanthemum and Ginseng Herbal Tea

  7. Winter Melon Drink

  8. Black Soybean Milk

  9. Carrot and Apple Mixed Juice

  10. Spinach and Vegetable Mixed Juice

  11. Watermelon and Clover Mixed Juice

  12. Honey Melon Energy Juice

  13. Pineapple and Bitter Gourd Mixed Juice

  14. Papaya and Grapefruit Yogurt Drink

  15. Jobs Tears and Corn Silk Tea

  16. Du Zhong and Sang Ji Sheng Tea

  17. Sugar Cane with Couchgrass Root and Coriander Drink

  18. Stewed Banana with Rock Sugar

  19. Dried Longan and Red Date Drink

  20. White Fungus with Rock Sugar Soup

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