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Asian Health Food Recipes

"To improve the health condition, start with the meal you eat everyday! this is what my grandma always tell. If we maintain a healthy eating behavior, the long term effect is significant. Luckily enough, Asian has well known about the health way of living since thousands of years ago and heritage plenty of health related recipes and know how of ingredient, which has all type of properties that is good to our body, like anti-oxidant, cancer prevention, lowering cholesterol, anti-aging, low in fat, salt and calories,  which won't loosing out in the deliciousness as well. Most of Asian foods are healthy and tasty when served authentically, many of the Asian cuisine restaurant out there has been Americanized or Westernized to add additional processed ingredient to suit the local flavor, which has transform the food to be less advantage to our body. In fact, cooking with less oil, use more veggies and less fried meat; the genuine way of healthy Asian cooking will actually has its own tastiness. You will learn all the vigor way of cooking Asian food in our ultimate recipes collection.

Here we explain in more detail of a few Asian countries eating culture and why they are great health food.

Chinese cuisine

Chinese food recipes stressed on the balanced and variety of diet. This is based on their believed in the principles of Yin and Yang, a complimentary pairs that has opposing force. Every ingredient could be characterized into it's Yin or Yang characteristic, example like cool or warm, high or low salt, with or without fat, and etc. Besides, there is no single ingredient is typically yin or yang, but one may be a dominant over another. Therefore, the importance is the balance use of the ingredient to achieve the balanced diet. If you could recall, any Chinese dish, from Loh Han Mixed Vegetable to sweet and sour meat. There is always a balance in color, taste, aroma, and textures. A few example of health food from Chinese recipe are low calorie broth-based soup like egg drop, wonton or hot and sour soups; steamed, roasted or broiled cuisine like Shrimp with noodles, mixed vegetable and chicken rice with mushroom are all lower in calories.

Japanese cuisine

Japanese foods and recipes have long been recognized as one of the healthiest diet. This is because they are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. The facts tell us that the Japanese life expectancy is the highest, they have a history of slow aging with less chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease (heart attach and stroke), cancer, diabetes, obesity and dementia. People in this country consume a lot of cruciferous vegetables like watercress, radishes etc which has great cancer prevention properties. Besides, the famous lower in cholesterols and antioxidant Shitake mushrooms that already in used as medicine and meal which could boost the immune system and disease fighting since long time ago. Not to forget the high consumption of fish that is rich in essential fatty acids which could improve brain function, the seaweed that high in iodine, Tofu that's high protein and green tea that could lower the blood pressure. All these parts and puzzle make up the good, tasty and healthful foodstuff of Japan which you could fine here.

Thai cuisine

Thai cookery no doubt is one of the healthiest cuisine, some recipes, for example Tom Yum Soup, are being study scientifically for their incredible health benefits. This is because this cuisine uses many type of fresh herb like coriander, lemongrass, turmeric, galangal and coriander, which has proven with numerous immune enhance properties like anti-inflammatory agent, bacteria-fighting, antioxidant, improve blood circulation, assist digestion, improve skin problem which is a good foodstuff for cancer prevention. Besides, chilies also one of the important ingredient. Human studies discover that chilies improve a few problems like sleeping disorder and maintain glucose level. Coconut milk is also one of the ingredient, where the oil contain fat is actually lower in bad cholesterol and promoting good cholesterol (HDL), improve immunity, anti-aging and provides fatty acids which is commonly lack in Westerner. However, you should better avoid foodstuff with coconut milk if you are in slimming program.

Vietnamese cuisine

This categories of foods are famous with its heavy greenery flavor because the use of naturally available healthful herbs as part of the meal, not only the tastes enhancer. Traditionally, carefully cut herbs like mint and coriander will serve raw in salad form in most of the meal, sometime you may fine red chili as well. These herbs are well known of its "good to body" properties like lowering cholesterol, provide dietary fiber and sufficient magnesium, and good for cardiovascular system. Besides, Vietnamese cuisine is lower in fat and calories where the mixture of herb and vegetable are usually served with small portion of meat, and eat together with the favorite rice noodles, also known as banh pho. What a balance diet.

Indian foods

This collection of cookery normally give us an impression of hot and spicy, and related to curry. Here you will see a healthier way of preparing curry, using less oil. The Ghee, a clarified butter to make the curry has its health benefits as well. No doubt Indian food is colorful, aromatic and rich in the taste, the main reason is the use of many types of spices, so the use of less salt, could already bring out the full flavor of the dishes. Healthy way to serve this cuisine tend to contain fresh fruits and vegetables, lentil dish (dal), water based pickles, roasted (Tandoori style) meat and fish, pan roasted chappati(flat bread), yogurt drinks and rice pudding as desert make up an unrivaled healthy and tasty combo. If you choose the right combo, it's a delicious low carb meal.

Healthy food bring you Healthy life

Health has become one of the major concerns nowadays, no matter how rich or poor you are, no matter what is your social status, healthier life is the number one asset for every human being. There is no doubt that our health condition has deteriorate everyday, facts from WHO tell, cancer rate has increase yearly, with one of the primary cause: Western lifestyle that promote high consumption of caloric diet, fatty foodstuff, animal protein and refined carbohydrates. When couple with insufficient exercise, the human energy becomes imbalance and thus all type of "Rich People" sickness emerge, like Heart attack, Obesity, arterial hypertension and diabetes, and etc. Facts from the story around us tell the same, this is due to the today's fast changing / or too fast "out of control" development pace that produce many by product like earth contamination, stressing living condition and insufficient nutritional food. Hope that the healthy Asian food recipes here will promote a healthier lifestyle to everyone and improve the human fitness situation in the world.

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